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Cavalier/Possible ABS system problems

I have a 2002 Cavalier 2D LS Sport Edition. Recently, the engine light has been coming on along with the “Trac Off” light. When this happens, the car shifts very hard into each gear. It’s an automatic. The engine and “Trac Off” lights were only coming on when I was stopping and going throughout town. When I’d leave in the morning for work and go straight to the turnpike which is only about 2 miles away with only 2 stops it wouldn’t happen. But now, both lights come on as soon as I turn the car on and the hard shifting begins. Occasionally, the battery light will also come on with these two lights and the car will die. We recently changed both front hub assemblies, thinking that could be the issue but that did nothing. Tonight, we took the ABS fuse out and drove across town. The lights came on, but it drove just fine. I really want to get this fixed, but I’m completely stumped. Any suggestions?