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Catalytic converter help . .please

Can someone tell me if I should buy a dealer CC for $1400 or pay a mechanic $500 for a generic CC. Thanks

Aftermarket catalytic converters work just fine. Why pay more?


Why buy either? Many people report that they have had good service with an aftermarket catalytic converter.

Thanks everybody!

Remember the converter has a 8 year 80,000 mile warranty.

Try to get a generic bolt-on rather then a generic cut-and-weld. This is especially true if you have a high quality exhaust system. What kind of car is this?

before replacing you need to understand why you seem to think you need a new converter. How about O2 sensors, can cause limp mode to engage and that retards spark and changes mixtures, and tranny shifts, so it will get you home…if you continue to run in limp mode you can plug converter, and waste lots of gas, lose power, and be pretty unhappy with the vehicle…have you pulled codes? And yes the environment system has a long warrantee on converters. Check with the dealer first and see if they will analyze and repair under warrantee terms.

Hi, it’s an Infiniti QX4

Thanks redtag. It’s out of warranty at 100,000. The codes were run and it was one of the 2 CC’s on the car.