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Catolytic converter

I just had my 90,000 service. My Baja makes a ticking/crumbling noise at 3500-4000 rpms but only in 4 & 5- over 55- then over 72mph. The guys who did my service said it was the catolytic converter- but not to fix it until it dies- whta do you think?and how much does that cost?

If I am guessing right, it may have many thousands of miles left in it. At 90,000 miles I believe the warranty is gone.

Replacing it should not be too expensive if you buy an third party converter. OEM converters are not better, but they may be a little easier to install and will cost more and not give longer life. I would go with the less expensive one if/when needed.

Who are “the guys who did my service?” The symptoms you describe are not usually associated with a failed, or failing, catalytic converter.

I suggest you seek a second opinion.

I too feel the symptoms and the “diagnosis” are inconsistant.

The “guys who did [your] service”…were they quickie lube guys perchance?