Catalytic converter -2001 Nissan Pathfinder


Recently I had my car tested for smog and didn’t pass. The problem is the catalytic converter and they are charging me $1350 to replace them. Any suggestion?


EPA requires a 50k mile warranty on emissions systems. Check with the dealer to determine if your car is covered. If you’re outside the warranty, check with an independent for an aftermarket C/C: usually much less expensive.


You can get a second opinion and estimate. I would suggest doing so.


[b]If there’s a problem with the cat, the Check Engine light would be on. Is it?



The federal warranty on a catalytic convertor for his car is 8 years/80,000 miles. The ECM is also covered by this warranty. All other components are covered by the 3/36000 mile factory warranty.

The federal emmision warranty of 5/50,000 was phased out years ago.

For complete warranty information read your owners manual, it will tell you exactly what the warranty is for your vehicle.


$1300 is absurb. Find another mechanic. You don’t have to get OEM either. There are plenty after market cats that work finde.