Installing catalytic converter

My catalytic converter was stolen weeks ago. I have ordered an after-market direct-fit (2 bolts each side) for my 95 4R V6. What’s the best way to install-weld it so it won’t be stolen again? Can the flange on each side be welded to the flanges of the catalytic converter, aside from welding the 4 bolts? Will it burn or destroy the o-ring gaskets on each flanges?

Cut the flanges off the old converter and weld them to the new one. First make sure that the length between the flanges remains the same as the old converter. Second, make sure the flange holes are clocked at their proper positions so that they align with the flanges on the pipes. Third, purchase new flange gaskets.


Um, he doesn’t have the old converter because it was stolen. I would not weld the two flanges together-like I said, they’ll just cut the pipe then you’ll have a bigger mess trying to put another one on. These guys don’t care about welded or bolted and carry the necessary tools to do the job fast. Its like the old days when people put locking gas caps on, they punctured the tank instead cause it was faster. Then you ended up putting a new tank on instead of just losing a tank of gas.

Find a different place to park.

Toyota trucks seem to be the victim of choice for catalytic converter thieves because the converters on them are very easy to remove discretely and the high ground clearance gives plenty of room to work. It’s true that welding the bolts on won’t deter a determined thief, but the bother and increased noise of having to use a saw will probably send them looking for someone else’s non-welded up truck. The sad fact is that theft prevention is really all about making your stuff marginally harder to steal so thieves will steal other people’s stuff instead.

If do live in a really high crime area, you might consider something like this: . Any 4x4 or welding shop should be able to make you something similar as well.

They actually unbolted the catalytic converter? Geez! These guys usually slide under a vehicle with a cordless Saws-All and have that sucker out in one minute!


True. Toyota SUVs & trucks are the choice of thieves because of high clearance, and the catalytic converters are only bolted (2 bolts each side) instead of welded making it easy to steal. The thieves know what makes & models. Two Toyotas were hit on my street although there are several other makes & models of SUVs & trucks.

Check out the CATCUFF. It’s a quality, American made product that locks up a catalytic converter to the frame of the vehicle so that it simply cannot be removed. It’s a one-size fits all product that is easy to install with household tools. The CATCUFF is tougher than nails and is only one-eighth the cost of other catalytic converter anti-theft products, but with even more metal-thief thwarting deterrence and no annoying rattling or vibration. You can learn more at

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