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Cascading Brake Problems

2002 Sienna with 95K. Approximately 4 week ago we had a brake inspection and basic mainteance pads/rotor turned ($350) on our Sienna. After this work we then started noticing burning odor,hestitation,brake dust on front wheel covers and noticable heat from the wheel covers. Returned to the same shop this week and they informed us that the we had a bad brake booster ($448). This morning noticed the brakes did not engage until pedal almost to floor. Returned to same shop and they informed us left rear wheel cylinder leaking and needed to replaced ($138). Is this just bad luck or could there be something up with this shop or their work?

Sounds like bad luck and a questionable shop. Go get a second opinion from another shop.

Yes. It’s just bad luck OR there could be a problem with the shop.

Where are you taking the vehicle for brake work?

Considering second opinion but what would this shop going to tell me at this point? Thanks!

I’m having a really hard time believing a bad brake booster and a leaking cylinder on a 2002 Sienna with 95K on the odometer. Especially since they both allegedly developed immediately after they did the original brake work.

I’d recommend finding a new shop. This one doesn’t sound right to me.