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Carwash vs. rear wiper blade on Subaru Forester

What is the best way to secure the rear windshield wiper blade before using the carwash? Those big rollers have been known to damage or rip off the rear wiper. Car washes aren’t using those plastic sleeves due to environmental waste. Any tips are appreciated. Thanks!

Automatic car washes have been around for quite a while, now.

Although earlier establishments that predated rear window-wipers no doubt damaged some vehicles, I would think that most have resolved this issue as those blades have been used for quite some time. I wouldn’t hesitate in using such a facility.

I have run my mini-van through them and have had no problems.

Talk this over with an employee at the wash to see if they ever have problems and how these problems are resolved.

Looks like this could be a “Subie” thing…

"If taking a rear wiper-equipped Subaru through a commercial car wash, temporarily tape the rear wiper to the glass to avoid damage during the wash."

I never use the roller type car wash. We have the choice of touchless or the rollers. I’m afraid of scratches from the rollers. I only use the car washes in the winter though. Otherwise I have never seen anything like the plastic sleeve you were talking about but still I can’t imagine what damage it could do to the wiper.

I see all kinds of vehicles going through automated carwashes . But I am not doing that , I use the brushless or the self service wand .

I have a 2015 Forester and have run it through a couple of different car washes with those rollers and have never experienced any damage to my rear wipers.

Why not just remove the arm and blade assembly?
I always remove my radio antenna before going through.

Use a brushless car wash. We have one car with a rear wiper and there’s never any problem.

I ALWAYS secure my rear wiper with a small piece of duct tape before going through the car wash.
Ironically, the attendant places a piece of cheapo masking tape on my rear wiper also, and–as you would expect–his tape has become dislodged by the time that the wash is finished.

Some car washes put a blue plastic bag over the wiper to keep the brushes from catching. I had to buy a license plate frame to stop the plate from bending.