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Car's tyres

My car’s Mazda RX-8 2007 model(sport version).It has 18 inch tyres. Today I noticed that the left front tyre has a nail(screw perhaps) inside it. I checked air pressure it is, unlike the rest, way below 2.2 bars.Tried to air it but didn’t go beyond11.7 bar. Questions:

1.Should I try to take the nail(screw) outhoping it has not gone deep enough to let out the air?

2. Since air has scaped, does this mean that it is actually gone way deep into the tyre as well as the tube inside?

3. What sort of mechanism 18inch tyres have? Could they be tubeless?

4. in case of inner tube, should changing tube do the job?

With thanks.

Your vehicle has tubeless tires. If the nail/screw is in the sidewall then the tire is no good. If it’s in the tread area the tire can be removed and a plug with patch can be used to repair the tire. The tire has to be taken off the rim at a tire shop and the proper procedure done. I don’t like the tire plugs that are used with the tire still on the rim. Since you have a sportscar of sorts I suggest buying another tire that matches the ones you have. Sportscars tend to go fast and they need really safe tires.

I wouldn’t pull out the nail/screw. It’s not worth the risk.

As long as the nail/screw is not in the sidewall and you’ve not lost a lot of air, just take it to a place nearby to have it repaired. I’d ask for a patch rather than a plug, but that’s just my preference.

I’m not even sure you can get a tire with a tube nowadays.

Thanks for the advice, missileman. Appreciate it.

Thanks joey. Appreciate your proper response.

Yep, take it to a tire shop and have a boot put in unless in the sidewall. Don’t pull it out or the tire will go flat. I once drove home with a long nail stuck in the side wall. When I got home I pulled the nail and the tire went flat. The tire was shot but leaving the nail in at least allowed me to change it in my garage.

If you get the chance check out a plug “with” the patch. They work a lot better than the patch alone. The plug goes through from the inside and the patch is applied. I don’t like outside plugs either.