I was wondering if anyone has heard of or used them in the past and if so as what your experience with them has been.

not user friendly. boo

My brother in law got a fender through them–no problems.

@steve63. How long did it take your brother in law to receive the fender through them. I’m just wondering because I ordered a fan blade from them last week and at the moment I’m still waiting on the part so that I can finish doing the work to my car that I need to do.

Are you talking about Or

I agree, use “” not “”. The former is a nation-wide search engine, then you deal directly with the yard in question. That’s how I got parts for my Riviera which were hard to find like hood, grill, fender, headlight, tape deck, CRT screen, etc. Worked very well.

The one that I’ve been dealing with and that I ordered the fan blade from is It’s all one word with no hyphen’s in it. So far I’m a little frustrated with them because the part was ordered last week and so far they have not provided me with any kind of tracking number to show that the part was shipped. When I called them yesterday the woman that I spoke with said that it was picked up by the courier and shipped out, but yet they don’t show any tracking number to prove it.

What you’re describing would make me stay away from I’ve not used them.

"the woman that I spoke with said that it was picked up by the courier and shipped out, but yet they don't show any tracking number to prove it. "

Sure sounds like a scam to me. I have a hard time believing that they ship without tracking information these days. So I would suspect that they haven’t shipped anything. Has the charge already appeared on your credit card?

If it has, I’d encourage you to call again and politely request the tracking information. If they give you one, then stay with them on the phone until you search the shipper online and find out if the tracking number they gave you is legitimate. If you can’t find it, then, to quote Click and Clack, it’s booooogus!

After all this time, if they can’t produce a legitimate tracking number, you should cancel the order and have them refund your credit card charge. They’ll probably balk, so tell them your next call is to the credit card company to contest the charge.

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Please post back with what you find out.

All I can say is the guy at the body shop that helped me locate parts, warned against the outfit with no hyphen. Just said to avoid them so I did. Doesn’t mean they won’t come through but might be like getting work done at Walmart. Although I’ll have to say the Walmart guys in Springfield did OK on my tire repair and were the only ones open.