Carburetor issues 83 honda civic


Got a great deal on a car that is physically immaculate, however it was not running very well when I got it. Come to find out, the original “mechanic” put the wrong carburetor on the car. My mechanic is having trouble finding one, and says there are several different carbs for this automobile, and a new one (the one I need) could cost 700-800 dollars. Does anyone have any good sources for used parts, or is my mechanic B-Sing? He says the one on the car now is missing ports D & E, as well as the air jet controller

Specifics are as follows :

1983 honda civic 5-door wagon

1500CC 91cid CA Approved

Engine # EMI4013501

Engine Family DHN1.5v3ADC5

Thanks in advance for any help.


A rebuild one from AutoZone. They seem to be the only one carrying a listing.

If you’re missing multiple parts you’re usually off buying another complete carburetor. It’s been my experience that the price of individual parts can be high and coupled with the aggravation of finding them it’s more cost effective to just get another carb.


Thanks, we don’t have an autozone, so I didn’t even know to try it. :slight_smile:


They have an on-line ordering system if you care to try it anyway.

You might also email these people to see about fitment of this one.