!977 honda civic Automatic



I have carburetor problems with this car I have replace it twice, and it goes back to the same problem. Engine dies if I came to a stop, it take a lot to get it started. I love this car I don?t know what my options are. They don?t make new carburetors for this model. Help please! Any expert?s advice as far as what to do??


Honda may not make a Carburator for this vehicle, but companies like Holly might. If not how about a rebuilt kit??? How about a rebuilt carb???


It would help to clarify something here. Does the engine refuse to idle at all even when the vehicle is sitting stationary?
Is it worse when the engine is warmed up?
Is the choke flap completely open when the engine is warmed up?


There are definitely aftermarket carb/manifold combos for this car and they are not expensive. They may not work well with an automatic transmission, however.