Carbon cleaner


I have A 1996 toy corolla 13000mi click n clack in the sacramento bee 9/7/2007 said a carbon cleaner was o.k. to use Iv asked this before and recieved answer mostly saying carbon cleaner were abrasive and not to use them I drive mostly in town but do take it out for a good freeway run once a week are click n clack right? thanks every one who helped before


If you are taking the car out on the highway once a week for the sole purpose of “blowing the cobs out” as it’s put, then you’re just wasting gas and time.

This was somewhat true in the old days of carbureted engines and leaded gasoline, but not anymore.
Unleaded gasoline and computer controls keep everything on the up and up; if they’re working right.

A carbon cleaner will not hurt the engine. If that were true lawsuits would have been flying years ago.
Having any particular problem with the vehicle?


I take you want to clean the carbon out of your engine. Why do you think it needs it?