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Caravan engine quits while vehicle is moving

I have a 2010 Grand Caravan, and the engine just stops while moving down the road. Once you shift to neutral, the engine starts again easily. The only common thing we’ve found is that the skid control light goes on. It doesn’t seem to happen when going more than 30 mph, and does seem to happen more when the temps outside are changing, but both when we get a warm spell or a cold snap. The recall work on the key assembly has been done, and the key always seem to be in the on position, so it’s not that known issue. The local garage couldn’t find anything or even replicate the problem. The dealership replaced the spark plugs and did a fuel system cleaning. Those were probably due, but they didn’t seem to help much. Does anyone have any ideas?

I think the dealer should revisit the key assembly. Just because the work was done, does not mean that it was done right or one of the replacement parts didn’t have a defect. It can happen.

2010 Chrysler vans have issues with engine stalling due to bad ignition switches?

I hope this car is still under new car warranty.

Our first thought was the key assembly, but the key is still in the On position when the engine quits. As I understood it, the recall was issued because the key itself was turning to Accessory. Thanks for the thoughts!

That might be the reason for the recall, but it isn’t the only failure mode for the switch. The other modes might not occur frequently, but in any vehicle, they do occur on a rare and random occasions. This could be one of the other failure modes not related to the recall.