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what is a best car in world?


Ask a million people, get a million different answers.

Just About Every Car (There Were Lots Of Them) I’ve Owned In The Past 45 Years Fit The Bill, Except Maybe My POS 64 Volkswagen Beetle And My POS Automatic 76 Chevrolet (Isuzu) Pick-Up Truck.

As McParadise pointed out, there is no end to best cars. It’s an individual decision and cars just keep on getting better.


85 Nissan 720 Pick up
92 2wd Cherokee 4.0 ltr
94 Toyota 4 cyl 2wd Pick up
98 Volvo S70 (125,000 miles in one year) only broke when I broke it.
04 Volvo XC70 (Best station wagon every made)
01 VW Jetta 1.8 turbo (awful pice of shit)

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