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Car wont starts

yeah real original. The car was running but the ground wire fell off my ignition. Not knowing the correct wire I put a power wire on. Got smoke and melted wires. I have rewired the melted part but while turning over the car will not start. Power is getting to the coil but not coming out. Is it possible I fried my coil? Any other ideas?

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1974 Jensen Healy 907 Lotus motor

Wow! Now there’s one you don’t see every day. Nice car.

If the current is getting to the coil, but not coming out, I’d suggest you try a new coil. Unless, of course, you haven’t found all the melted wires yet.

Have you checked all the fuses?

Yeah 7-8 years ago I thought it would be fun to fix upan old car. Saw the JH on ebay and bought it was way over my head on the Lotus motor so my checkbook did the most work. Current is coming in but not out so I will try as new coil Thanks. The fuses (all 3) were checked, I replaced the one bad one but still no start.

Three fuses, eh? Well, I guess that’s an improvement. My 1966 Sunbeam Alpine only had two fuses.

Good luck. Hope the damage to the electrical system was minor.

Is the electrical system on this car of the typical negative ground type, or is it the old, traditional British positive ground type (or as the Brits called it, positive “earth”)? I don’t recall when the British auto industry switched from positive ground to negative ground.

That is something I do not know.

It turns out I fried the condensor