Car won't start


I have a 1990 Mitsubishi Mighty Max 4 cylinder that won’t start when hot. If I let it cool down, it starts just fine. I’ve tried replacing the coil, but that did not fix it.


This seems like it will be one of those long drawn-out line of questioning by responders trying to get some basic information about the engine, and the nature of the symptoms before, and during, the start attempt. ------ Examples: WHICH engine size? Carb? Throttle body? Distributor? ETC?


When it doesn’t start, you need to check for the absence of either fuel pressure or spark. If no fuel pressure, suspect sticking injectors, bad fuel pump relay, tired fuel pump, etc. If no spark, suspect ignition modual since you already replaced the coil. If both are present, suspect bad air or engine temp sensor, etc. providing a rich or lean mixture inconsistent with the engine temp.