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Car won't start

About a month and a half ago, my car wouldn’t start. The repair shop installed a new alternator. The car started that afternoon and the next morning, but it wouldn’t start the next afternoon. The shop told me that they had installed a defective alternator, so they installed another alternator. In the month and a half since, the car was fine until this morning. The car started this morning, but as I was driving it, the windshield wipers seemed a little slow, and the radio and air conditioning went in and out. When I got to my destination, I turned off the engine and tried to start it again, and it wouldn’t start. Is this just another bad alternator, or could there be a more serious electrical problem?

It sounds like another failing alternator. Perhaps the shop you went to is using low quality parts. There are a lot of bad alternator rebuilds out there.

how old is the battery? it sounds more like a dead cell in the battery than a failing alternator to me.

Both of the above comments have merit. Many auto part stores will do an batter - charging system check for free. Have it checked.