Car won't start



ok, its a 2003 nissan sentra ser.

I noticed for a the past few weeks the car felt like it was stalling a little bit. There was a slight pause in the engine every now and then. (that part may have been unrelated).

But today it was hot and I parked the car and was listening to the radio with the car off. When I went to turn the car back on it didn’t turn over.

I got a jump and the car started again, i drove it home but right as I pulled into the driveway it stalled out. I again can’t get it to turn over. If I turn on the interior light and radio they work, when I turn the key they dim, but the car doesn’t turn over (or do anything like chug) when I stop turning the key the lights and radio are off.

So I am assuming its the alternator. Or the electrical system. Any tips or advice would be appreciated.


Sounds like your alternator to me.


Have your alternator and battery tested, it’s probably one of those.


Thanks, yeah alternator seems the most likely. I have a feeling it might just be the wires, though unfortunately I don’t know a mechanic I trust to not try to sell me an alternator even if its just wires. And I don’t have the time or a great knowledge of cars to test it myself.


What part of the country are you located in? It is possible someone on these boards could recommend a mechanic in your area, or you could check from the home page of this site. I do believe it is the alternator though.