Car won't start

I have 2001 Ford Focus and while I was driving recently, all the electrical systems went out – no radio, no dash, etc. but the engine still worked. I made it home and parked but then I couldn’t get the car started again. Every time I try to start the car I just get a clicking sound but all the electrical systems work. Is the problem with my alternator or the starter motor? Anyone have any insight? Thanks

First thought is the battery went dead. The question is the whether the battery needs replacing or is the alternator not putting out enough current to charge up the battery?

In the days prior to serpentine belts a loose fan belt to the alternator meant insufficent current to the battery and the car developed just the condition you describe. Since the car is a 2001, the battery is likely not the original one. Do you know old is this battery? If it is 4 years old or more then you can buy an new battery, put it in the car then drive it back to where you purchased the battery for a test of your charging system.

If you have a charger, put it on the battery for a few hours and see if the battery holds a charge and can start the car. Then drive to an auto parts store for a load test of the battery and a test of the charging system.

the battery is a replacement and is about 3 years old. i have a voltmeter and I’ll test it out. it’s a sears diehard…i think it might be under warranty. thanks

Hi – I checked the battery. It was low so I got it fully charged. I re-installed it and tried to start the car but no luck. Now it there is no clicking sound when I try to start the car. Could it be the alternator or the starter motor?

It could be the wires and electrical cables.