2000 Ford Focus ZETEC not starting just clicking

This has been a long process/story.

First it was doing crazy things like I’d be driving and all of a sudden all power would go off and on and the wipers would kick on and then I couldn’t get it out of park without the override.

Took the battery in and it was dead, installed new battery every was ok for a week or two then one morning the it wouldn’t start. I turn the key and the lights, radio, gauges come up. When I turn to key to start it it everything dies like I’ve got a dead (lights go dim or out and radio dies). I replaced the starter as it was bad too and what a pain that was to change. Changing it did nothing it does the same thing. I’ve checked the fuses and everything there looks good. I’m at a loss and what can be wrong now.

You have something draining your battery when the car is shut off. You may have to take it to a shop specializing in electrical issues to have it taken care of.

Along with having the electrical system checked for an excessive current drain on the battery while the car is parked I suggest you have the alternator checked out also by doing a load test on the charging system.