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Car wont start

everything is full battery is charged and belt is good but my car still wont start. it acts like it wnts. it turns over and tries but wont completly start. what could i do to get it to start and what could be wrong

What kind of car do you have?

Year, make, model, type of engine and transmission?

Is it REALLY cold where you are?

It could be lack of spark, or lack of fuel injection into the engine. You can do a check for both. To see if it’s lack of fuel, spray a shot of starter fluid into the black plastic intake tube and crank the engine. If that doesn’t do it, it may be lack of spark. You can get a test spark plug which clamps onto the engine that you plug a spark plug wire into. Crank the engine while watching for spark across the test spark plug gap. If it doesn’t have spark, call a mechanic.

Well it could be the spark plugs or diesel fuel gelled or who knows. We need to know a little more about your car. Make model year and is all the maintenance listed in the owner’s manual up to date?