Car not starting

Alright, my car sat for 3 months. I started it once a week and let it run for a couple of min. One day it did not start. I assumed the battery needed to be charged. I hooked it up to a charger and is now fully charged and then I gave it a shot of ether. With the shot of ether and the engine starts but dors not catch. Then I thought well maybe some condensation got in gasoline, so used Pyroil to get rid of any condensation. Still the same issues.

Any thought

Replace the fuel filter. After gas dryer, it’s the next quick and cheap thing to do. I’d back off on priming - ether or gas. It’s a real fast way (backfire) to screw up one or more of your valves.

Thank you,
just in case if this does not do the trick what woud you suggest be the next step.

All of that oil you say it has been burning could have fouled the spark plugs. Inspect, and if necessary, replace, the spark plugs. Check/replace the air filter. Check the fuel pressure. Clean the battery cables and posts.

Dont know what you are driving, but if you dont hear the fuel pump prime & if the pump is in the tank give the tank a good whack with your hand.

Does it start now?

This simple little trick has gotten me home a couple of times.

“my car sat for 3 months. I started it once a week and let it run for a couple of min.”

Frankly it is better for the car to not be started at all if you are not going to bring it up to full temperature. I suggest disconnecting the battery and putting it on a batter tender (a special battery charger designed to keep the battery charged.

You can easily check fuel pump operation when the fuel filter is replaced. Either it comes shooting out the fuel line when you turn the starter and pump the gas or it does not - this is a two person operation. This test and changing the fuel filter will mean gas spilling here and there. Be careful. If its first time for you, you might want to drag it to the shop and watch how the mechanic does things. I don’t know your skill level but its pretty easy to twist up the fuel line when you take the old one off. New fuel filter and fuel pump test by shop won’t cost much. If its been starting every week, I dont think its plugs.
Like Grandpa said “It’s either spark or gas”.