89 ford tempo stalls

it stalled and will not start i have spark

Well, since you have spark you need to make sure you have fuel pressure.

Go to the underhood diagnostic connector where the codes are pulled.
In that connector you should see a blue/orange wire.
Run a jumper wire from that particular wire connector to ground somewhere on the body or engine.

IF (key word) the fuel pump, relay, and inertia switch is good you should hear the pump run and the car should start.

If it does not, then it’s back to the diagnostic drawing board. You may have a failed fuel pump.

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Check one or more of your fuel injectors. I had a 88 tempo and one of the fuel injectors was bad. It always stalled and would sputter. If they are OK check you fuel pressure regulator and pump. Them are about the only things I can think of that would cause that.

If you have spark then your next step is to go to the diagnostic connector underneath the hood.
You should see an orange wire with a blue tracer (stripe) in that connector. Run a jumper wire from this connector pin to a ground somewhere.
The pump should run then (IF the inertia, fuel pump relay, and fusible links are good) and the vehicle should start. Do NOT leave it as this is only one of several test methods to use.

If the vehicle runs then disconnect the jumper and post back. You’re going to have to start using the process of elimination but it’s not that difficult.

If you hit a good sized bump or pothole, you may have to push the inertia switch button down. It’s just below the trunk lid on the left side behind a notch in the lining.