2003 Nissan Altima Occasionally Won't Start

On occasion, engine cranks and cranks and cranks and will not turn over. can hear it sputtering and almost start, but won’t turn over. This happened about 4 months ago, finally got it started and drove straight to the dealership. They said it may happen periodically, related to fuel and air mixture, and when it does, floor the gas pedal, and it eventually should turn over. Happened again yesterday, flooring it did not do the trick, did not start. Waited overnight, this morning with a little bit of cranking it finally did turn over, sputtered a little, but ran fine. Took it around the block, turned it off, waiting a minute or so, and it re-started just fine. ???

Battery seems to be fine (new one about a year ago), no electrical issues. I am the original owner, has 96,000K, has had oil changed and been serviced regularly, I commute about 75 miles round trip/day. Spark plugs were recently all replaced, would have been in between the “not starting” incidents. Transmission fluid replaced within the last 8 months. Help???

Hi, I had this happen not too long after i got my 03’ altima. Turns out that if you start your car and move it just a little a bit and turn back off, you flood the engine. I was told the same thing: to floor the pedal to get it starting again. Shouldn’t be normal, but now i know not to do that. When it happened, i moved my car a couple of inches to let someone out of the driveway. When i went to start it again it didn’t. Hope this helps.