Car won't start, starter cranks normally

I have a '98 Pontiac Grand Prix. I think my switches on my fans are bad and last night when I turned off my car, my fan/defroster wouldn’t turn off until we unplugged the fan. After that my car started twice, once with the fan still unplugged and once after I plugged the fan back in. The fan worked normal at this point and shut off when I turned it off and stayed off when I turned off my car. This morning I tried to start my car and it wouldn’t start. When I turn my starteer it cranks normally but the engine won’t start. I thought at first the battery was dead and tried jumping it but this didn’t work. Any idea on why it won’t start?

If the starter is cranking the engine over then a jump start isn’t likely to do much good - all it does is get the engine to crank over - unless it was cranking weakly, but that doesn’t sound like it from the description. So unless your description is off and the car isn’t cranking normally, then I think that the fan problem is coincidental.

If the engine is cranking fine, then you can really only be missing either fuel or spark. Turn the key to on but not all the way until it cranks - listen for the fuel pump (a hum that goes for a couple of seconds). If there is no hum find your fuel pump reset and check it. Check fuel pump related fuses & relays (look in the owner’s manual for those locations).

If you hear the pump you might still be missing fuel at the rail - blow some starter fluid into the intake. If it fires even momentarily then continue to troubleshoot the fuel system.

For spark use a spare spark plug or a spark tester to look for spark while turning the engine.

The engine is cranking fine and I think I can here the fuel pump hum. I’m fairly car illiterate so where is the intake? and is there a specific kind of starter fluid I should get?

Do you know anyone who is somewhat car literate? It would help. You might just need a shop.

Starter fluid is pretty generic, so you can get whatever is on the shelf at an auto parts store. While you’re there buy a spark tester too.

The intake is the giant black hose/pipe that runs between the air filter and the top of the engine. It will most often start on the driver’s side toward the front and run sideways & back. Pull the engine end. Right where it connects to the metal parts is your throttle body - on the side of it is a big circular thing with cables - rotate that around and it will open up your throttle plate - open it up and blast some started fluid in there. Pop the intake tube back on temporarily and turn the key. Alternatively, right there at the throttle body there are often some other much smaller hoses running into the throttle body or nearby - if you see one it might be easier to pull one of those and blow it thru the hole.

A spark tester should come with instructions - follow those.