Car won't start or stalls out after rain

After it rains, my car either won’t start or sputters when it starts and then is likely to stall out when I stop at a stop sign. Afterwards it’s difficult to start and if it finally does, it usually stalls out again after I hit the gas. It’s not a battery issue as all the lights and other faculties work. Any thoughts?

Well, you did not tell us the model year of the car or the odometer mileage, but if we have to try to give a diagnosis without that vital information, I am going to speculate that you need to replace the spark plug wires and/or the distributor cap.

After several years inside the very hot engine compartment of the car, the insulation covering of the spark plug wires can become degraded and cracked, thus allowing moisture to enter and to interfere with the transmission of voltage to the plugs. And, if your car has a distributor, it is very possible that minute cracks in the distributor cap are producing similar problems.

Hi there - - thanks for the response. Not sure if it changes things, but the car is a 1998 and has roughly 220,000 miles. Thanks again.

The age and the very high odometer mileage of the car make it a pretty sure thing that both of the items that I mentioned need to be replaced–as long as you have not already done so in the past few years.

I concur: Spark plug wires, distributor cap and rotor.