98 Accord will not start in bad weather



This has happened to me several times now: in bad weather (rain, high humidity, but not cold temperature) the starter would crank the engine but the engine would not start.

Last time it happened I took the car to the dealer who tested the electrical part, battery, etc. and could not find anything wrong. All computer codes were OK.

But tonight it has happened again in sleet and snow. After trying to start it several times I believe I smelled gas… maybe the engine choked… was it my imagination?

Last time when it happened I left the car alone and after a few hours it started normally the first time.

What kind of problem would elude even a “president’s award” dealer?


How old are your spark plug wires? A typical culprit besides a cap/rotor(if so equipped).


I think andrew nailed this one. Spark plug wires is the answer.


Absolutely! Change the wires, plugs and rotor/cap if it has them. It will run great again! Rocketman