Battery draining- Honda Element- starter problems?

Howdy autophiles!

Been having a problem with my 2003 Element that I thought was a battery problem… took my 20 month old battery to the battery place and they said the battery tested good -Had to keep jumping the car, then it wouldn’t start at all. I towed it to the Honda dealer and they put in a new battery - It started okay for about a week, but now it feels “weak” when it starts … the battery place thinks it the starter… Has anyone had this problem? I’m wondering if there is some weird short in the electrical system.


Did Honda Carefully Check The Charging System (Alternator / Regulator) Output ?

The next thing would probably be to perform a parasitic draw test.


            "the battery place thinks it the starter"

That right there tells me you need to find another place to have your car checked out.

A good shop will run a complete electrical system check… starter draw test, charging system test, and battery test. Then based on their findings they will determine what the problem is without guessing.

I have no idea what the dealer did - because you can never talk to the person who does the work - only the “service advisor” … (I had it towed there because it was Xmas eve and the only place open that would thankfully take that car) -

Yeah - well I would have thought the Honda dealer would have done this(?) But maybe they just put the battery in and called it a day – the battery place told me to bring it back and leave it overnight- they have always been really good and honest in the past and are checking it at no charge – maybe they don’t have the equipment to perform this?
Thanks - Atleast now I know what to ask for …

Take A Look At The Honda Repair Order (Receipt) And See What It Says Was Done On The Car.

Chances are good that if something doesn’t appear there then it wasn’t done. Should the charging sytem check turn out satisfactory then the next thing would probably be to perform a parasitic draw test to see if something in the car is constantly draining the battery, even with everything turned off.