Car won't start after losing power on the freeway

I have a Saturn L200 - 2004 with 150,000+ miles on it. Car had been running great with the exception of the clutch going out. My husband replaced the clutch and all was good. About a week later, I noticed that if I wanted to accelerate quickly, say to pass a car or enter on a freeway ramp, I had to really push the gas pedal hard. But, it would go. It seemed like the car mat was stuck behind the gas pedal - if you know what I mean, but it wasn’t. Anyway, 2 days later I was cruising down the freeway and the car just started to lose speed. I didn’t even notice it until the cars around me started flying by me. The radio was playing, heat going etc, but no power. I tried pressing on the pedal - which was hard to push in - nothing - just kept losing speed. I pulled over, the engine died and now we cannot get it started. It sounds as if it’s about to turn-over but never does. Anyone have any ideas?

I failed to add that the fuel pump was tested and passed and the ignition module has been replaced.

Is there a CEL on?

“It sounds as if it’s about to turn over but never does”. Is the battery fully charged?

Yes, it has a fully charged battery and there is no CEL on…

If you break your timing belt, this is what normally happens. Not sure if your car has one.

thanks - we were hoping it wasn’t this :frowning: Apparently, it has a timing chain…