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Car won't shift into gear after ignition turns on

I have a 93 taurus 3.8L V6 automatic GL. After I start my car up with my foot on the brake it won’t shift into gear from park. But if I pump the brakes a few times it will then go into gear. What is wrong with my car?

Check transmission fluid, then have a transmission service, fluid and filter etc.

The OP really needs to clarify exactly what is taking place.

If the shift lever moves into the Drive position, but the transmission does not seem to engage, then Barkydog’s scenario is a possibility.

On the other hand, if the OP is trying to tell us that he is unable to move the shift lever out of the Park position, then I think that the shift interlock solenoid is defective.

Russharv–which of the above situations is taking place with your car?
As usual, the devil is in the details, and the essential details are missing.

The car can be driven after brake is pumped a few times and shifted into any gear.

Well, that didn’t clarify much. Does the shift lever itself seem to be locked? As in it won’t move at all?

If that is the case then the issue is either with the shifter interlock solenoid, as VDC mentioned - or with the brake light switch - which is what tells the shift interlock solenoid that its ok to activate.

Its a safety feature. There’s a lock in place that won’t let you shift out of park without the brake pedal depressed. The interlock solenoid is a little electric motor that basically takes the lock off. So either you’re pressing the brake and the brake light switch isn’t “telling” the solenoid to unlock - or the solenoid itself is sticky or having a power problem.

Sounds like the brake switch is not working properly. Stepping on the brakes triggers the Park release when everything works properly.

yeah so my car i was just driveing down the road and started jerking really really bad so i pulled over and i was out of fluid i walked up to the auto zone up the road and got some fluid and put it in and it just came right out of the bottom and idk what to do

I would guess the brake switch isn’t working properly, as Red Fos says

Was ur promlem fixed by replacing the break swicth