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Car won't rev past 2500 RPMS

Hey I have a 2005 Dodge Neon SX 2.0 and when driving my car won’t rev past 2500 rpsm. It runs great under that though. I am also having an issue getting it to start sometimes. The reving issue I have no clue what it could be. However for the starting issue I know its not the starter.

Please help.

Is the Check Engine light on?


When was the last time that the fuel filter was changed?

I would look for dirty throttle body or mass airflow sensor. Another possibility could be a going-to-die catalytic converter.

Either a fuel delivery problem or a restricted exhaust would be my guess if all the required maintenance is up-to-date(spark plugs, air filter, etc.)

Thanks to everyone for the quick response.

The check engine light is on and I got the codes, they are P0016, P0456, P0132, P0137, P0344, P0340.
I haven’t changed the fuel filter myself so I am unsure about that I will have that checked.
I will will have to look at the throttle body and when it comes to the mass airflow sensor mechanics keep telling me it doesnt have one.
My converter is bad however just havent had it fixed yet, Could the be the issue?
When is comes down to my spark plugs and air fliter they are brand new. just had them done.

Yes a dying catalytic converter can cause rpm problems. If there is a blockage inside and air can’t escape than no new fresh air can’t be drawn in. The faster you go, the more air your engine needs, your rpm go up, but a blockage can prevent new air from being drawn in as fast as it needs to. At that point the engine will cease to accelerate or slow down, that is reflected in the rpms. It could also explain the large number of error codes you are getting.

Ok, If I just have a pipe put in with all of my issues go away do you think? Also I noticed today that my e-brake like keeps coming on and off.

I have no idea it solves your problem, but if you already suspect your converter to be bad then I would concentrate on that. I would recommend you have the converter tested. If you are in the USA you will have to replace it regardless or you may fail emission testing. The converter is more than just a pipe. Probably costs in the neighborhood of $250-$300 (guessing) plus installation.

I don’t think there is a relationship between the e-brake light and the rpm issue. Btw, what do you mean E-brake light? Does your car have separate dashboard lights for E-brake and regular brakes?

Probably means the dashboard warning light.

My guess, you’ve got some kind of problem with the crankshaft and/or camshaft position sensors or the timing chain/belt. That’s the main cause of the performance problem. That could be the cause of the no-start too. Beyond that there’s problems with some of the o2 sensor readings, which could be caused by the defective cat. As mentioned above, the defective cat could also be partially clogging the exhaust system, which could limit the rpms too. Shops can sometimes temporarily bypass the cat as a test to see how much the cat is a part of this symptom. Cats can fail to perform their emissions task yet still not be clogging the exhaust system.

yeah, I mint dashboard lights. I was just wondering whether this car has a separate E-brake warning light? If not why would he refer to the brake warning light as E-brake? If the brake warning light comes on, I would highly recommend to find the shortest route to a mechanic.

I ment the light on the dash that comes on when my e break is on. My e brake isn’t on and it’s coming on. The notification light.

Might be combined with brake fluid low level warning…check the reservoir.

On some vehicles the brake dash light will come on if there’s an alternator problem. It’s a fail safe in the event the alternator warning light is burned out. Does the alternator or battery dash light illuminate with the key in “on” but the engine not started?

My alternator was just done. So it shouldn’t be that.

Still wouldn’t be a bad idea to have it tested. Alternators can be bad right out of the box.

My first thought was that the engine can’t breathe and means a clogged converter or plugged up air filter.

If the exhaust flow is restricted, yes. What do you mean by “bad”? There are different types of failure.

With those cam sensor faults and the cam/crank correlation fault the computer can go into limp-in an set the rev limiter to 2500 RPMs. P0016 suggests the timing belt is off but if the cam sensor is failing this fault may be invalid. Was the timing belt replaced recently?

The blinking brake light is because of a low brake fluid level in the reservoir, refill and inspect the brakes.

The fuel filter in not a maintenance item on the car (like most cars), it doesn’t need to be replaced on schedule. There is no mass air flow sensor on a Neon.

The red light on my dash was simple and I fixed that issue. I am having my converter replaced on tuesday. So hopefully all that will be fixed. I am also going to have my timing chain checked. Does anyone know how i can get a rusted bolt out? It on my heat shield and the shield broke over the bolt and I cant get the bolt out to replace it. Any tricks?