Car will not start BMW 320D

Hi there,

I recently had a problem with my BMW 320D where it is refusing to start so here is what happened.

About 4 days ago i went to the shop no problems driving atall everything sounds and felt okay however when i went into the shop when it came to paying i saw that i left my headlights and my halo lights on in the car park, so i get back to my car and try to switch it on but the car isnt even tryin gto turn over i ask a few friends to jump me and to check if the battery and the alternator are both fine (which they are) but the car still doesnt try to turn over at all. any advice is appreciated thanks!.

First guess, you were using cheap jumper cables and didn’t let your battery charge long enough before trying to start it.

no mate was jump started 3 times by 3 different cars also checked the battery it was on 12 volts

12 volts is a dead battery, needs to be at least 12.6 volts with engine off, preferably 12.8 volts.

13.4 to 13.8 engine running.

You may just have not let it run long enough once you got it started, although a battery charger is safer and better.

ahh i remember it is 12. something but shouldnt it try and turn over? there was no movement atall.
would you say a new battery mate? thanks for the quick reply

Can you remove the battery? Take it in and have it tested and charged. You may need a new battery, but only testing will tell you for sure.

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i could try but im being told all sorts that it could be the starter motor clutch switch etc

I really doubt it, if jump starting works.

sorry mate i must of misstyped i was saying jumpstarting isnt working was jumped by 3 different cars and the car didnt even try to turn over but the ignition came on all lights and icons on the dashboard were on . thankyou!

Then I’m back to my first reply

Could be loose or corroded connections to the battery. I’d remove the battery, have it charged and tested, clean the clamps, put it back in, try it out.

How old is the battery?

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i could try that and battery is about 5 months old

hi sorry for the late reply so you think its just the jump cables were bad? i have had a rav 4 try to jump me was charging for about 5-7 mins

Not sure what year this vehicle is but BMW’s in general do not like to need to be jump started for many reasons I wont go into.

However one of those reasons is the “Power Distribution Panel” that they have… It is usually located in the trunk or on top of the battery and it consists of a rack of flat fuses that protect many circuits in the vehicle. When one of those fuses blow for whatever reason… you have to replace the entire power block … Its an ABSURD design and boggles the mind how or why they used such a thing… when a fuse blows you should be able to replace it…and it alone… not replace all the fuses in the panel just because someone decided that was what they were going to force you to do.

Not certain if you have this panel (which in this case mounts on top of the battery in the trunk), but if it looks like this one I have here next to my computer desk, then when one fuse blows… you are stuck replacing all the others along with it…whether they are blown or not… and thus wasting a lot of money in the process. There was also a similar unit in the passenger side fender well in the trunk that handles other circuits. My point being… look to see if you have this style of fuse block in your vehicle.

Look at your distribution panel… see if its conventional or like this one for an 11’ BMW 530

Thanks for that mate my battery is in the back of the car which is strange so i will go and have a look and let you know, thanks again!!!

Not really , many vehicles have that battery location . I suspect you are not in the US and I did not see what year this BMW is. All I know is that multiple jumps to a complex BMW is just asking for expensive repairs . While I like do it yourself problem solving I feel this might be better left to BMW specialists.

It’s not common, but it actually makes some sense. Heat is one of the primary killer of batteries, and putting it in the trunk exposes it to less heat than under the hood by the engine

hey mate isnt the best photo ever i can get another one if its not clear enough. thankyou for your message!

Still don’t know the year, but if it has a bluetooth cell phone module, those can sometimes go crazy and not power down after you turn the car off like they’re supposed to. That will drain your battery overnight even if it’s new.

What I would do would be to disconnect the battery from the car, then put it on a battery charger until it’s charged up, then hook it back up to the car and see if it will start.

hi thanks for the reply i will try everything i can i knew it couldnt be anything ridiculous the thing was fine before i went into the shop i lefy my halo lights on and side lights and the things wouldnt start. and sorry the year is 2007 and does have a bluetooth system which allows me to turn my underglows on. thanks again