Bmw 320D 2007 will not start

Hi there,

I recently had a problem with my BMW 320D where it is refusing to start so here is what happened.

hi i posted yesterday but sadly i wasnt allowed to receive many messages so im putting it on here again
.About 5 days ago i went to the shop no problems driving atall everything sounds and felt okay however when i went into the shop when it came to paying i saw that i left my headlights and my halo lights on in the car park, so i get back to my car and try to switch it on but the car isnt even tryin gto turn over i ask a few friends to jump me and to check if the battery and the alternator are both fine (which they are) but the car still doesnt try to turn over at all. any advice is appreciated thanks!.

If your battery is good and fully charged, the first thing to do is clean both ends of both battery cables. If that don’t work check for bad cable. If that don’t work check starter.

The picture you posted previously looks like the fuse block mentioned by some of the other commenters on your other thread.

hi mate thanks for ur reply what should you suggest i do?

tried it mate thank you though didnt work but will see if its the motor starter