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Car Whine

I have a 2001 Jaguar Vanden Plas, when I start it up there is a whine, the whine continues when I press gas and while the car is running. I just had the serpintine belt changed. What could be the cause or possible causes.

Without knowing exactly where the noise is emanating from, everything from afar will be merely guesswork, but… the first thing that I would suspect is failing bearings in the belt tensioner and/or pulleys. After 11 years, it is very likely that these bearings have gone dry.

VDC may be right.
Pick up a mechanic’s stethescope and you may be able to find out for sure. My engine recently started whining and I discovered it was coming from the alternator.

Be careful with that stethescope. Don’t get it caught in the belt.

If the whine started after the serpentine belt was replaced there’s a component driven by the belt with a bad bearing.

The serpentine belt applies a lateral force on all the components it drives and their bearings. This lateral force causes the bearings to wear in a certain way between the rollers and the races. When the belt is removed this lateral force is removed from the bearings. Then if the new belt is installed where it causes a bearing to rotate without this lateral force, when the lateral force is reapplied the bearing starts to whine.

Or in other words, there was a bearing that was ready to fail. Only now it isn’t happy where it’s repositioned and it’s whining about it.