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Honda Accord Revs By Itself

I have a 2007 Honda Accord EX (4-cylinder) manual. When upshifting, after pressing the clutch and my foot is OFF the gas, the engine stays at 2000 rpm for a few seconds before falling back; often it even INCREASES speed with my foot OFF the gas. This happens only when upshifting/accelerating and even when the car is warmed up. Is it a bad sensor, computer or throttle control?

I have heard of this…do a search on the net as well as the Honda forums. I hesitate to say that its your AIC valve, but very well may be.

The AIC valve is a thermostatically controlled valve …basically a controlled vacume leak…the more air it leaks the higher your idle…the less…the lower. Could be dirty or malfunctioning…It relys on the proper amount of coolant in your engine with no air bubbles/pockets in it. But it doesnt have all the signs of an AIC valve issue…I have seen others complain about this on newer Hondas…theres a solution on the net…as my memory is failing me at the moment.

It may be a simple case of a cracked or popped off vacume line…LOOK FOR THIS FIRST…as it is very possible that is it. Vacume leaks affect Hondas esp…this way.