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Car want start after i cleaned engine

hreatful for any help on this, i cleaned my engine on my 1991 lincoln towncar and i changed out the valve cover gaskets. but when i tried to start the car it would not start. motor turns over fine but will not hit. and car was running great before i cleaned engine…any thoughts on what is wrong…

It needs spark, compression and fuel. One or more are missing.

You probably drove water into one of the electical or eletronic components. I’ll bet your spark is missing.

Start with the high voltage side of the ignition system and work back from there. Don’t forget that in this car sensor signals are critical to getting spark. You need to start testing their outputs.

Good luck.

Try popping the distributor cap loose and see if there is moisture inside.
Your car is a TFI-IV model and these are prone to ignition module problems anyway.