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Car won't start

I have in my possession an really nice 1989 Lincoln Towncar, it has a 5.0L, V-8. It also has about 190,000 miles on it. There is only 1 problem. You are probably saying “No Duh” right about now. The problem is that since I gave the car to my brother, it quit working. It has power to everything inside, but nothing happens when you go turn the key, but the car WILL start if you hook jumpercables up to the car, then when you take the cables off, it will run for about 5 minutes and then die, and then it will be as before, nothing when happens you turn the key. I figured maybe it might be the ignition coil, because I tested the alternator and the starter. Everything works except for the ??? I don’t know. & YES!! I do want this car back & running again. And NO!! It’s not going to a junkyard either!!

 I would guess  the battery or a cable. Most auto part stores will test batteries, but if it is over four years old, I would just replace it.  It may also be the charging circuit, which you need to get the car to the auto parts store to check and even then you need to get the car started for them to check it.

And, you don’t have a neighborhood novice mechanic who can abrasively clean the battery posts, and battery cable terminals?

I had the battery tested, it’s got a full charge. I checked all the wires going to the starter, the alternator, the distributor, and to just about everything else. I even checked all the fuses in the engine compartment and under the dashboard. everything checks out fine. Someone told me that there was some sort of recall or replacement advisory about the wiring out on that type of vehicle, but I don’t know what it was of even if it was true.

I had the battery tested, it’s got a full charge

Have a load test done. It may have full voltage, but it still may not be able to provide the current needed to do the job.

your battery isn’t properly charged, even with a good alternator, it will not charge if the cable and posts are corroded, or there is a bad chassis ground. The fact that a jumper will start it is quite telling…I would put in a new battery as this one has probably sulfated out by now anyway. And the cells could have a " good" voltage, but not enough reserve amps because of internal damage or sulfation. this should be a simple repair and even Wal Mart could do it!