Car want move

Need help when I put car in drive or reverse all I hear is a rattling noise and it will not move…is it the transmission?

Yes, pretty likely. Might be a broken driveshaft or CV joint instead.


Is the transmission fluid at the right level?

My wife called me with a similar problem more than 50 years ago.

She had been shopping at a department store with the kids for about 6 hours at the after Christmas sales.

I asked her all kinds of questions to try to find out what was wrong and every answer was, “I don’t know. it just won’t move”.

I loaded every tool I could think of into two large tool boxes and carried at least 100 lb. of tool two blocks to the bus. When I got off the bus it was about 150 yards to the car.

As I approached the car, I started to laugh. My wife had parked atop a frozen puddle in the parking lot. The weight of the left front wheel had broken through the ice into the water beneath. During the many hours she had been in the store the ice had refrozen locking the car into the ice.

The only tool I needed was in the car, the bumper jack.

This is the same woman who when we were on the way home from buying our first new car, a 71 VW Bus , burst into tears.

When I asked her what was wrong, she said we should have not bought the radio from the dealer.

When I asked why not, she blubbered, Because I don’t like German music.

I was laughimg so hard that tears were running down my face as I sang Om Pa Pa all the way home.
We are still married. Thank God/


You just reminded me of the first car shopping experience with my X wife she was 18 when we got married and never before drove I had to teach how to drive don’t remember for sure what car it was but it was a plymouth of dodge with push button transmission a tear or so later it was time to get another car she would look in the car and if it had a stick either on the floor or collumn she said it was not an automatic it took a few test ride’s to convince her that the lever on the collumn did the same thing as the push button’s did.

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I loved the push button transmissions. I had 5 of them, ranging from a 56 Desoto to a Dodge Dart Phoenix318 to 3 different Valiants.
Packard and Edsel had push buttons too and possibly Mercury.