Car vibrating when wheel is at 1:00 position, done everything we can think of

2005 Chrysler 300 is seriously vibrating when the steering wheel is at the 1:00 position. Does it between the speeds of 47-80 only. Can hear it at lower speeds but quite obvious once it hits 47. Not sure if it’s related but the SRS and ABS lights are also on. (Bought it used in Nov and lights were on when we bought it) We’ve rotated the tires, replaced the tires, balanced the tires, replaced the bearings, replaced brakes, got an alignment, and it’s still doing it. It’s rear wheel drive, so no CV joints or axle. It sounds like it’s coming from the passenger front side, but who knows. Any thoughts or ideas??? Only other thought we have is maybe a warped rotor? Please help!!

But not new rotors?

What are the ABS codes?

Look for a bent wheel hub, warped rotors, sticking caliper (or did you replace those too?)

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Try it with no cruise and 3rd gear if possible.

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How does one drive 80 MPH with the steering wheel in the 1:00 position ? Big circles ?
Also why would you drive 80 with a vibration ?

LOL when the alignment was off that was straight! But there’s a curve to Rt 1 where we live and you hold the wheel right about 1:00 for at least half a minute on that curve. Now it’s aligned and it’s still doing it though.

Bad steering rack?

hmmm … So it appears there was originally a problem with the steering wheel so that you had to have it at the 1 o-clock position to go straight ahead, right? And it only vibrated going straight ahead? Then you fixed the steering wheel problem via an alignment, and now what are the conditions it vibrates? Only when going straight ahead still? Or only when turning with the SW at one o-clock? Or both?

My guesses – given what you’ve already done – are (1) suspension system play; (2) a really warped brake rotor; or (3) a problem with the prop-shaft (driveshaft). All are easy for a shop to check.

If I had that problem myself, as a diy’er, first off I’d check the static balance on all four wheels with my tire balancer. Wheel weights fall off car wheels all the time, and losing a single one can easily cause a vibration.

My other observation is that it is really unusual for a car to not go straight when the steering wheel is pointed straight. That indicates there’s been some hijinks going on at some point with the alignment, steering, or possibly a front end accident

Cruise control won’t work because of the SRS light being on I was told.

I can try 3rd gear, but I don’t think that will work, I’ve put it in neutral to make sure it’s not the engine, and it still does it.

With the alignment done, it’s still doing it at 1:00 only. We did have all the wheels balanced and the front right needed several weights added to it. Which is where we hear the noise. My husband says it’s a vibration because the wheel vibrates as well as you can feel it thru the pedal And car somewhat. I think it sounds like a thumping or knocking. We’ve put it in neutral and it still does it do we don’t think it’s the engine. It fires it when braking too. He’s kinda thinking there was an accident too and that’s why the ABS & SRS lights are on. He was on the thought that either warped or bent rotor or the entire wheel is bent. His next move was going to be to replace all 4 rotors and brakes. We have the lifetime brake pad replacements from AutoZone and they offered if we bring in the old yet almost new pads since he just did them, we could get all four pads and rotors for 169 and they would credit us the pads. We just really want to know what's going on, tired of spending time and and the problem still being there. I won’t drive it far from the house in fear of something happening honestly any I need my car.

You’re only feeling it through the pedal, right? Brake pedal, I assume. Does that mean you don’t feel it if you don’t have your foot on the brake? If so, then it’s brakes - likely a warped rotor.

If not, then try swapping the tires front to rear. If the vibration moves from the pedal to the steering wheel, then the problem is at the wheel end - tires and/or wheels or something else rotating.

If the vibration doesn’t move, it is NOT tires/wheels and likely something in the drivetrain - U joints?

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No you feel it regardless, even in the passenger seat. My husband rotated all the tires this past weekend, no change. I was trying to figure out if it could be a U joint issue but wasn’t sure about how to go about that.

It might be an out of round tire.

I can’t see why a warped rotor, bent wheel, bad tire, worn u joints or bent or unbalanced drive shaft would only vibrate at the 1 o’clock steering wheel position.

Is this curve on Rt 1 the only place you notice it ?

True, that would be hard to believe for the driveshaft, but it seems like certain types of rotor/wheel/or tire problems could vibrate more when turning. There’s lateral forces on those parts when turning but not much going straight.

The OP mentioned that several weights needed to be added to a front wheel to make it balance correctly. And that’s the wheel that seems to be the source of the vibration. I’d want to know more about that front wheel if this were my problem. Checking the roundness and lateral run-out of that wheel makes sense. I’d also probably put a different wheel on as a test and see if that made any difference.

The tires and wheels have already been rotated, replaced, balanced

Turning could make a difference, but only in one exact steering wheel position? The only time I have seen anything remotely was with a damaged steering rack that would kick rapidly back and forth when it got to the damaged part. I can’t explain how you would feel that in the pedal though.

I do hope the OP will return and tell us if they find a solution.

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I’m really hoping we dont have to take it to Chrysler for a diagnostics. I think we’re going to take it to the auto shop this weekend and see if they can tell us something. Will come back And post the answer if they can figure it out!

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Is it the distance or that you don’t have $100 to have someone with Chrysler experience inspect the car?