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Car vibrates at stop

When im at a complete stop in my 1994 ford escort hatcack sedan 1.9L the car sometimes vibrates not very hard but it is noticeable and goes away when i put it into nutrel gets worse with A/C on what is causing this to happen? if it helps the car has 123,300 miles on it

i just put new plugs and wires in with no luck

The four cylinder in an Escort is not as smooth running, well balanced, and well isolated as some other cars, particularly V6 and V8 cars. Such a vibration is very common and generally not cause for concern (unless it is severe and/or accompanied by a check engine light, solid or flashing). It gets worse with the air conditioning running because the air conditioning makes the engine work harder. Again, generally not cause for concern. If you’re still concerned, you can take it to a repair shop and have a mechanic go for a ride with you and see if they think it’s normal or worse than normal. If it’s been a long time since the spark plugs and ignition wires have been replaced, that may smooth it out a little, but this car will always have a vibration in gear at idle. It’s a rare case in which “they all do that” is a true and accurate explanation.

Get your motor mounts checked.