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Steering wheel vibrates while idling in drive

I’m considering buying a 2006 Honda Accord 2.4L. I’ve noticed some vibration on the steering wheel when I shifted to drive before start moving. I haven’t noticed the vibration while moving except waiting at traffic signals. During test drive on other 06 and 07 Accord, there were no vibrations. What’s the possible problem?

Hard to say, spend the bucks and get an independent inspection, on any car, but that certainly is something to check before signing on the dotted line.

Ditto to what waterboy recommended.
While inline 4 cylinder engines are inherently unbalanced, if this one seems to have a rougher idle than other 4 cylinder Accords that you have driven, that is not a good sign. Hopefully, a mechanical inspection will reveal any significant problems.

This vehicle uses an electronically controlled rear engine mount. When idling, the engine mount goes into the soft mode. This eliminates engine vibration which can be felt in the passenger cabin/steering wheel. Off idle, the engine mount goes into the firm mode. This prevents the engine from twisting under the torque of acceleration. If the engine mount or the vacuum control solenoid has failed where the mount remains in the firm mode at idle conditions, many things can start to shake in the vehicle.


Thanks for the tips. I’ll bring the car to a good mechanic to check the vibration issue by mentioning the engine mount system and vacuum control solenoid.

I’m of the opinion that any car purchased should automatically have a compression test performed to determine if there are any serious engine upper end problems.
One cylinder low on compression can cause a rough idle that will smooth out at speed.

The 2.4 has mechanical valve adjusters and if a valve has tightened up due to not being checked/adjusted regularly this would cause a valve to remain open and in turn cause low compression.
This also likely means a burnt valve face and valve seat which then requires a valve (expensive) job.

I would err on the side of caution and make sure the engine does not have a mechanical fault before buying it.