Car vaibrates when drive and the vibration speeds up with speed of car?


I have a 1998 Toyota Carolla. In Jan. 2005 in accident on Right driver side quarter panel. The car vibrates like it has a tire with a flat spot. Just had new rotors and pads put on. Two new front tires and 2 year old tires in back. All tire new after accident. The new breaks pulsate like the rotor is warped, but it is a new rotor. Why is there a vibration?


Could the rim be bent? If the rim has been moved, but still the vibration on this one corner persists, I believe the accident has knocked the alignment out of whack. It could require a frame adjustment to correct, since an accident was involved.


perform a 4 wheel balance then an aligment
also check the wheel bearings and the rear tires if they have any deformations ?.
finnaly check the caliper if the piston expand and retract check for any leaks at the piston bores
for your own safety you should check the chassis condition considering that the car was involved in an accident in the past.


Just a few thoughts:

If you move a bad tyre/rim from one spot to another the vibrations should change with the move.

New rotors can be bad out of the box or they can be made bad with improper torquing when installed.

The best tyres should be on the back wheels, not the front as it would intuitively be.

A new tyre may be bad from the factory.

Problems like this often call for a visit to a good alignment shop.