Car Vacuums

Hello all,

Can anyone recommend a portable vacuum cleaner for my car, please? I don’t want one that uses electricity as it wouldn’t be practical for someone like me who lives in a apartment. I would prefer run off my car battery (I don’t know if I have a cigarette lighter - I don’t smoke - My vehicle is a 2019 Honda Fit). One that can get all the debris - not just the big stuff. If I’m asking for too much - maybe I should just stick to the car wash - which a ten mile drive from where I live - or maybe I should just get a whisk broom

Nice to see you back after 7 years… Strange question to ask, tho

I’d suggest you google “cordless car vacuum”

That brought up a bunch of choices including a battery powered wet-dry shop vac.

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Get a small handheld rechargable vac like a DustBuster or similar small vac. They aren’t expensive.

They plug into any outlet to recharge the rechargable battery and then have plenty of charge to fully vacuum a car. Depending on which brand and model you choose, they often come with accessories for reaching into tight spaces, cleaning apholstery, etc.

EDIT: Mustangman posted while I was typing. His suggestion is excellent.

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I tried, a number of years ago, one of the small vacs and it was useless - didn’t work at all. I was looking for a recommendation for a name of one and model number that has an excellent performance - there must be ones that are better than all the rest - and that’s what I’m looking for - If it’ just ok - I can get a cheap whisk broom to do the job. Thank you for your response - it is much appreciated, however.

Many car washes offer free vacuum, does not mean you have to buy a car wash.

They might have improved over the years, but when I tried using a DustBuster years ago, it didn’t even have enough power to pick up stray lint.

Hmmmm, that’s disappointing. Hopefully, the OP can find a handy size rechargable vac that will work well.

I’m not a big fan of the ones that plug into the accessory socket, as I always found the wire to be a pain, especially when trying to reach my trunk. Also, in a Honda, you’ll probably need to turn on the ignition to the accessory position, putting a little more strain on your battery.

I have the cordless Ryobi 18-volt hand vacuum, which works for a light touch-up, but I think it’s not powerful enough for the needs you describe, so I wouldn’t recommend that for you. I’ve never tried one of their small wet/dry vacuums, but I’d guess those have more suction, so one of those might be worth a look.

Ryobi makes one that might work, uses the same battery as their other 18v tools, does come with a wall charger. Probably other options from other companies.


Hoover ONEPWR BH57005 Uses lithium Ion battery and did very well in their tests.