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From vacuum cleaners to cars?


Ooohhhh Kaaayyyy…

I wish him luck. Hopefully he can create a car at a lower relative price point than his vacuums. Dyson vacuums are quite expensive.

It’s starting to sound a lot like 1905 again with everyone that had a bicycle or carriage shop trying to make their version of a car. Like they say, many are called but few are chosen.


Ii just hope they don’t suck.
Sorry everyone, I couldn’t resist. Hope nobody was offended. :grin:


I’m shocked. Shocked I tell you.

That is so true. Have a Dyson, not really worth the dollars.

Apple is working on a car, but you can’t install Windows

And it won’t connect to your Android phone, either!

Dyson has a bit of a history suing (and sometimes being sued…) by people. I wonder if this is nothing more than a gimmick to obtain venture capital and/or Federal funds…

I am sure the cars would “suck”.

Model for model, Shark vacuum cleaners outperform the comparable Dysons, and at a FAR lower price.


Actually I’ve had great luck with Sears Kenmore units. Have two, one 40 years old, one 20, both working fine.

Would never buy one of those where you could see the crud whirling around inside… silly. Also much prefer units with disposable bags.

Next Kirby will come out with a car that weighs and costs 3X that of any other of comparable size.

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If the Dyson car doesn’t come with a hand vac for interior detailing I’m going to be grossly disappointed.

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The Kirby car comes with a rake attachment to keep those green shag floor mats lookin’ good.

No offence meant Bill, but your Sears products have nothing in common with what is being sold by Sears circling the drain inc. today.

Kenmore was just a rebranding of some other product. Kenmore never made anything…just commissioned a company to make the product for them with the Kenmore name on it. With Kenmore name on many different products there are several companies that make the different Kenmore products.

And sold door to door.

I used a Kenmore vacuum for over 20 years and it was already 30 years old when I got it. Worked perfectly except the hose cracked a couple times and eventually couldn’t find a replacement. The Dysons are way overpriced and don’t perform any better. I bet one wouldn’t last 50 years of use.

Heh heh. My mother always had a Kirby and was very possessive of it. Had all the attachments. She finally let me use the paint sprayer attachment to paint my bike back about 1961. That new Chrysler Corp purple color. Just like the new HVLP sprayers now. Then she sent it in to be refurbished and polished so it was like new again. I don’t know what she ever paid for all that but I think I got about $20 for it at the estate auction. I hated having to get rid of all that stuff at pennies on the dollar but the stuff has to go at some point.