Car tries to start itself when it's already on

I have a 2013 Nissan Rogue. Both when I self start it and keys aren’t in the ignition and when the keys are in the ignition, the car will try to start up even though it’s already on.

The noise it makes is the same noise that happens when you turn the keys in the ignition when your car is already running. That scratchy metal on metal sound.

Does anyone know what would make this happen? How to fix it? It only does it a couple of times a week but I’m nervous it will cause damage in the long term.

Thank you.

You should be nervous about it, because damage happens fast with this sort of sound. You need to see a mechanic promptly. If you generally have lots of keys and stuff on your keyring the extra weight will wear out the ignition switch over time and can cause this to happen. Lots of other electric things can do the same thing, so that’s only a thought.

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It sounds like there’s a problem with the Intelligent Power Distribution Module.

This module is energizing the starter relay, causing the starter to function when it shouldn’t.

You need to get this fixed.

Otherwise the starter and ring gear are going to be destroyed.


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