Car starter activating while car is running

I am having a issue with my car. When I start it sometimes the starter stay activated making a loud grinding noise and other times it doesn’t. Another issue is if car is in park and running for a fee minutes the starter activates making the loud grinding noise and once again this doesn’t always happen. Another issue is if I turn car off after eiather one of the previous issues and the turn key to on position not the start position the car will start up on me. I wanna say it’s my starter but I have never had any thing like this ever happen to me I would appreciate any help possible thank u.

Your ignition switch is the problem. Take it to your local independent mechanic, tell him the problems you are having and I am sure he will recommend changing the switch.

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Ok thank u it’s much appreciated!!

I had a starter over run like that once. I had just gotten a new starter and after driving about 1000 miles on a trip it did it once and never again. It was for sure the starter that the solenoid stuck on. But having it do it while the car is just running, yeah suggests the switch. Its on the steering column though and could be just mis adjusted so a bump or something lets it slide from run to start momentarily.

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Don’t delay on the advice above, take it to a shop asap. The starter is a very high power electrical device, more than one thousand watts, and if activated when it shouldn’t be, can start an engine fire.