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Car towed, now passenger window not working

Hey guys, I have a 2008 Honda Civic EX Coupe that has never had any kind of trouble, ~9,000 miles.

It was towed yesterday when I parked in a lot without a permit (first time it has been towed), and I picked it up today, noticing later in the day that my passenger-side automatic window was not working. Didn’t hear any kind of motor noise when pressing the window-down buttons.

So is there anything I can do to attempt to fix it myself? Or should I go to the towing company tomorrow and request that they pay for it to be repaired? I assume they’re liable for damages while transporting it. And if they refuse to pay, can I take them to small-claims? Lastly, about how much would a repair like that cost?

Thanks for any information.

Unless you know they did something to the window and can prove it in any way, it would be ridiculous for you ask them to pay for repairs. Power windows have problems and towing a vehicle will not cause a power window to fail. Is it still under warranty? Don’t go asking them to fix it and most definitely don’t take them to court, that is laughable.

Thanks for the info, I’m just a college student and don’t know much about cars, and even less about towing. But I didn’t even think about checking the warranty - Looks like honda’s Bumper-to-Bumper Limited Warranty (3 yrs) ought to cover the damage. I’ll call them tomorrow and find out - Thanks again!

They won’t pay but you can be sure that the towing caused the damage. A car can really flex when towed or even when one corner is jacked up and the door is opened. An auto glass place may have a good solution for you. They always work with broken window stuff.

Make sure the window lock switch on the drivers door has’nt been activated.

It prevents operation of all but the drivers window.

Like 87 Ranger, my money is on the window lock switch, located on the driver’s door, adjacent to the other power window controls. OP–If you were not previously aware of this control, this is a good example of the need to read your Owner’s Manual.

If it turns out that the window lock switch has not been activated, a 2008 car with only 9k miles on the odometer should still have coverage under the mfr’s Bumper to Bumper Warranty. IIRC, that warranty runs for 3 yrs/36k miles.

Step 1: Refer to Owner’s Manual and then check window lock switch
Step 2: If step one does not resolve problem, take car to dealership for free repair

If the tow company had to use a slim jim to open up your car, it is possible the jimmy caught the electric window wiring. If you get the evidence of wiring damage and can connect that with the tow company actions, you make a case for having them pay for the diagnosis and repair. You may need to go to small claims court to get justice.

Researcher is 100% correct. The Slim-Jim broke or disconnected the power window wiring. I would just call the tow company and confront them with that.