Car-themed 'Snappy answer to a stupid question' from retiring Al Jaffee

Mad Magazine’s Al Jaffee retired at 99. Mad released an all-Al issue, including this ‘Snappy answer to a stupid question’ from its debut:

Ha, ha. I remember those from my days reading Mad. I loved his “fold ins” too. Wow. I didn’t realize he was 99.

I recognized that name, couldn’t place it. Ah-hah, Mad magazine, that’s it!

My cohort of 12-15 year-olds loved that magazine back in the 1960s. Somehow they kept disappearing. I think Mom did selective decluttering of my room when a Mad was in the mix.

My Mother decluttered comics now worth thousands when I was at college.

Only IF you can FIND A BUYER to whom they are worth thousands. Those can be few and far between. The same thing is true for your classic '60’s muscle car. This stuff can also lose value as the generation that has fond memories of these things dies out.
What happened to the value of Beanie Babies should be a cautionary tale to anyone spending a fortune on collectables.

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