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Car Talk Roadside Survival Kit Problem

My spouse bought the Car Talk Rodside Survival Kit.  It’s been in the trunk for years.  But we’ve just noticed that the plastic zippers don’t work..

Tug as we might the zippers won’t budge. My guess is that trunk heat melted them.
What’s to be done? Pack a box cutter? Have any been replaced?
“Survival” requires acces.

I don’t know how long you have had this but the show has been off the air for years and if this kit had a warranty ( doubtful ) it probably expired when you opened the box that it came in.

Scissors and a zip-lock - problem solved!

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I always carry a knife. When we would provide winter kits with our fleet cars, they were always checked and refreshed once a year. Especially food items are likely full of worms and everything else dried out. Just pack your own and refresh and be happy.

wow those kits aren’t even on the website anymore…maybe it’s a collectible now!

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I would try a little silicone spray on the zipper.

It that doesn’t work, I’d cut it open , replace any food stuff, and get a new bag for it all. Army surplus stores have all kinds of well built bags.

We camp quite a bit and on our last trip of the season, we rub every zipped with a bar of soap and work the zipper a few times.
The soap lubricates the zipper, and in the spring it will open without a problem.

My dad always kept a old bar of soap around the shop. Rubbing wood screws on the soap and they go in much easier.