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Car talk player

For about a month, I can’t access the show from the car talk page. The player never starts playing. What can I do? By the way, the shmos at Car Talk never sent me an answer when I asked them several times for help.

“By the way, the shmos at Car Talk never sent me an answer when I asked them several times for help.”

I’m sure the mountains of mail are fairly large and its just not possible to do all things by internet.

Perhaps you should just post your question to the discussion boards here - if it is about a car problem just use the Repair & Maintenance forum. The radio show “shmos” won’t answer but other shmos might.

That’s what I’m doing - secret shmo!

The issue is with your browser and/or computer. It’s difficult to diagnose with just your short description. If it worked before and now it doesn’t:
Did you install ANY new application or upgrade one?
Did you modify your antivirus or firewall settings?
Can you go to any other site and play their files?
Do you have another computer on your (home) network that is able to play it?
Are you at work? Maybe your work has added restrictions.

Try deleting your browser cache file-
(In Internet Explorer it’s: Tools/Internet Options/Browsing History/Delete)
Try updating your browser (Help, About, Check for Updates)
Try installing and using a different browser, like Firefox


I posted a complaint on this subject a couple of months ago.
None of my browsers will play the program, including Firefox on Win 7.
I ended up downloading the MP3 file here -

I couldn’t figure out how to comment on a specific show.
today is August 20 and I’m listening on KUHF in Houston.
topic: you just discussed rodents leaving food on an engine.
Several years ago in Tucson, I was visiting my mother, borrowed her car, and it wouldn’t start. It was night; we opened the hood and a rat jumped out. When we had the car towed, the repairman told us rats had been nesting in insulation under the hood and had chewed through the wires.